This cheese has a distinct rind and a mellow smooth and creamy feel to the body of the cheese with citrus notes coming through. It is made with grass-fed cows' milk and is suitable for vegetarians. We recommend you enjoy with fruit preserves, good wine and good company! Fowlers rind cheese is best if opened and allowed to come to room temperature before consuming.

This cheese has just won the best Cheddar Cheese in Australia in the Australian Grand Dairy Competition and is Tasmania's only finalist in this class!

 After a few weeks of maturation in the wash rind fridge, turning and washing daily a distinctive rind starts to form which compliments a smooth creamy, yet firm body to the cheese. After another month of turning daily in the drying room, we can pack it ready for sale.

Our Cheese

Cheese making starts straight after milking - only the freshest milk is used to hand craft this cheese!

The herd of cross bred cows calve down in the spring and spend the whole year grazing the lush pastures on Tasmania's East Coast. This aids sustainability and makes seasonal changes in the grass more apparent in the milk, to give subtle changes in the cheese as we go through the seasons, making Fowlers Cheese truly "Farmhouse"!

Bay of Fires Semi-Hard Rind Cheese

Bay of Fires Cloth-Bound Cheddar Cheese

Bay of Fires Cheese

The Cheddar is made using traditional methods the family has used for generations.Our cloth bound cheddar is not released before 12 months of age,with some of our cheese needing 14 months.

Whilst maturing on pine boards,it is hand turned and rubbed about every 3 weeks,this gives our cheese its distinctive flavour.